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NWB Workshops and Hackathons

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Welcome to the web page for the 7th NWB Hackathon!

Table of Contents

Dates and Location


Organizing Committee

Additional Organizational Support


Group Photo NWB Hackathon April 2020

  1. Ng, Lydia (@lydiang) - Allen Institute For Brain Science - lydian@alleninstitute.org
  2. Ruebel, Oliver (@oruebel) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - oruebel@lbl.gov
  3. Shan Shen - DataJoint Neuro
  4. Ryan Ly -Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  5. Josh Siegle - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  6. Eric Denovellis -UCSF
  7. Csaba - Földy University of Zurich
  8. Thomas Braun - byte physics e.K.
  9. Shreejoy Tripathy - University of Toronto
  10. Colleen Gillon - University of Toronto
  11. Liviu S. - Laboratory of Neural Microcircuitry, EPFL / Blue Brain Project, EPFL
  12. Ben Dichter - Ben Dichter Consulting LLC
  13. Andrew Tritt - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  14. Matt McCormick - Kitware, Inc
  15. Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin - Kitware
  16. Will Mayner - Center for Sleep and Consciousness, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  17. Michael Grauer - Kitware, Inc.
  18. Yaroslav Halchenko - Dartmouth College
  19. Ariel Rokem - The University of Washington
  20. Satrajit Ghosh - MIT
  21. Jerome Lecoq - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  22. Lawrence Niu - Vidrio Technologies LLC
  23. Pamela Baker - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  24. Bruce Kimmel - Vidrio Technologies
  25. Carol Thompson - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  26. Jim Berg - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  27. Pavel Kulik - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  28. Young Seok Seo - University of Toronto
  29. Sergey Gratiy - Allen Institute For Brain Science
  30. Scott Daniel - Allen Institute For Brain Science


For further details please see the Allen Insititute’s events and training page


For instructions on how to create a project see here

Assigned Projects

The lists below provides an overview of specific projects for which at least one or more attendees have signed up for to contribute to. Projects are collaborative in nature. If you are attending the hackathon and are interested in participating in any of the existing projets then please contact the team listed on the project page and add your name to the list of participants for the project.

Breakout Sessions

The lists below provides an overview of planned breakout sessions during the hackathon. Breakout sessions are collaborative meetings focused on topics of common interest. Each breakout session has an assigned session chair to help coordinate the meeting.

Proposing breakout sessions

To propose additional breakout sessions, please contact the hackathon organizing team.

Next Hackathon

In addition to this development-focused Hackathon, there will be additional NWB community events taking place in 2020, including an NWB tutorial prior to the Cosyne 2020 meeting in Denver on February 26 and the 8th NWB:N Developer and User Days Hackathon at HHMI Janelia from May 6-9. Several other events for 2020 are also currently in the planning process. For up-to-date information on upcoming events please see our NWB events page here.


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