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NWB Workshops and Hackathons

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What should my hackathon project look like?

Projects may span a broad range of topics focused around core NWB development, e.g., integrating new data with NWB:N, developing new features for PyNWB, exploring new problems, or creating documentation. Design your project in a way that:

  1. You can make significant progress during the hackathon (i.e., in ~2 days). This also means that you should come prepared for the hackathon (e.g., be ready to read any data you need for your project)
  2. The project is a) relevant to NWB:N and b) useful either as is or be something that you or someone else can build on after the hackathon

Does everyone need to have their own project?

Everyone should be part of a project, but not everyone must have their own project. Hacking in teams is fun!

How to create a new project

When you are ready, create a new project by creating a new README.md file in a new subfolder of the projects folder using the provided [project template][template/] and add your project to the project list in the PROJECTS.md file. Step-by-step instructions for creating a new project using GitHub are:

  1. Open [project template][template/README.md] and copy its full content to the clipboard
  2. Go back to the projects folder on GitHub
  3. Click on “Create new file” button
  4. Type YourProjectName/README.md
  5. Paste the previously copied content of project template page into your new README.md
  6. Update at least your project’s title, key investigators, and project description sections
  7. Add a link to your project to the “Assigned Projects” section in the project list of projects

Note: some steps above may require creating a pull request until your account is given write access.