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NWB Workshops and Hackathons

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Key Investigators

Project Description

The Allen Institute Allen Brain Observatory two photon pipeline has collected data for projects proposed as part of the OpenScope project in the last 2 years. These experiments were proposed by external scientists and delivered in a similar fashion to Observatories in Astronomy. We here aim to package these experiments into NWB files and share them through the DANDI platform for wider dissemination.


Adapt an existing codebase to convert segmented two photon datasets into NWB files. Transfer these files onto DANDI.

  1. Objective A. Convert datasets from the OpenScope Meaningful project into NWB files.
  2. Objective B. Convert datasets from the Credit Assignment project into NWB files.
  3. Objective C. Transfer these files into DANDI and evaluate compatibility with existing tools of the platform.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References