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Tye Lab 2P Data NWB Conversion (Jeremy)

Key Investigators

Jeremy Delahanty (The Salk Institute for Biological Studies)

Project Description

This project is intended to convert currently existing 2P datasets - which contain optical physiology, mouse headfixed behavior, mouse face recordings, and configuration files - into datasets compliant with NWB.


I aim to convert at least the mouse behavior recordings and 2P datasets into NWB compliant datasets.

  1. Behavior Datasets: Convert the raw csv output from Bruker Microscopy DAQ into a raw NWB file, clean it and format stimuli events into a dynamic table, and finally incorporating licks into the dataset as events.

  2. 2P Datasets: Convert raw Bruker Microscopy files into NWB complaint hdf5 format.

Approach and Plan

Behavior Data

2P Data

Progress and Next Steps

8/25/21: Didn’t work on this much this day.

8/26/21: Starting building base NWB file as part of experiment runtime. I can build NWB files no problem, but need to determine which fields I can automate/gather from XML file for imaging/configuration files. I’m also trying to find out how to make the NWB Subject format fit into the data framework, need some assistance there. Containerization for 2P writing will be worked on tomorrow/this weekend using both CaImAn and Suite2p so I can compare the process for each version. I also need to ask about how to put the raw CSV file, XML file, and raw Bruker format into NWB as well/determine if it’s needed at all.

8/28/21 & 8/29/21: Gathered metadata from Bruker’s Prairie View and built project specific yml files for configuration values. One day this should definitely be made into a database, probably with DJ. These metadata then populate an NWB file which currently has the following information built: Lab/experimenter, devices, imaging plane. There’s a few things I need to double check about what’s the appropriate values for the fields in the file, but I made a fair bit of progress this evening with automating the building of relevant metadata for NWB the moment the microscopy session (read: imaging plane) ends.

8/30/21: I’ve completed building a base NWB file but need to review it with someone from the Dev team before I feel confident pushing it into production. Struggled to understand the Subject file and how to use it properly, but will be hopefully getting advice soon. Main problem was how I’ll need multiple weights accounted for per animal but that functionality doesn’t appear to be present in NWB. There’s additional metadata that I think makes sense to incorporate into the system such as laser power and PMT gains, but I see no way to do so in NWB. I still need to build a base behavior part of the dataset as well and review what makes sense to have timestamp wise for given behavior datasets.

9/13/21: A week ago, with the help of Ryan Ly, I finally got all the available base metadata written to an NWB file the moment the experiment is over! I’ve been informed of the different kinds of things that require extensions so I will be working on those in the coming weeks. Forgot to update here…

9/26/21: Started writing an extension for including Arduino config metadata that’s used for performing the behavior experiments this evening. A little stuck on the next steps file, but slowly working through it. The planned extensions I’ll be writing are to include the following:

A complete NWB File for the Bruker 2P setup will thus include: Raw Data

Processed Data


The developments can be followed along in the bruker_control folder in the git repo below’s source code in the branch: “bruker_control_refactor”

8/29/21: If you want to see the updates from the above progress notes, check out the nwb_utils.py file in the bruker_control folder. It’s quite messy in there for now, but hopefully it does make a little sense if you look around.

9/13/21: The bruker_control refactor that includes the completed nwb_utils module is complete! You can check it out on the repo if you want. There’s also better documentation for things now on the linked readthedocs site below.

Background and References

Bruker Microscopy built Prairie View for recording 2P data and provided an API that can be interacted with in Python, MATLAB, and C/C++. The system I’ve written to govern the experiment uses Python and is called ‘bruker_control’. It’s part of a repository that was developed with my lab mates to unite imaging, stimuli, behavior, and video of the mouse’s face into one program.

The source code for the repository is linked below as is a first iteration of some documentation hosted on readthedocs that is still very much under development.

Source code: https://github.com/Tyelab/headfix_control

Documentation: https://bruker-control.readthedocs.io/en/latest/