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Convert Ephys data to NWB format to be distributed with publication.

Key Investigators

Project Description

I am converting the electrophysioloy and behavioral data into NWB formats for a paper that will soon be published. In this experiment, two mice competed for a reward. Each mouse was fitted with a headset to monitor neural activity. While we have complete ephys data for each subject, each competing pair has a single video containing both animals. Their positions are extracted from the video via an automated tracking software called AlphaTracker. I want to identify which animal is which in the video so their position information is loaded into the correct nwb structure.


  1. (Objective A) Understand how to convert epys data to nwb format and put the data into that format.
  2. (Objective B) Determine if any special extensions are required to get the data into the correct form and figure out how to do so.
  3. (Objective C) Understand how nwb formats can fit into the larger workflow of the Tyelab.
  4. (Objective D) Gain a greater familiarity with nwb and see how to add it to our existing processing pipelines.

Approach and Plan

  1. I plan to convert the data for a single subject all the way to the end, then work on automating the process for the remaining subjects. However, the naming convention was not standardized when the data was collected, so this could prove difficult.

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References

Data is described in here (DOI: https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-94115/v1)