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External Resources and Persistent Identifiers in NWB

Session Chair: Pamela Baker

As a community standard for ephys data and metadata storage, NWB aims to adhere to the FAIR principles for data sharing. Persistent identifiers are a critical component of FAIR datasets, and we have implemented a data structure in NWB for storing references to external resources and entities and their associated persistent identifiers (eg RRIDs, URIs). Objects and fields within NWB can then be linked to an external ID and associated information through this External Resources Table. The purpose of this breakout session is to present use cases we have developed for testing the functionality of these tables, and to solicit feedback and discussion of the use of these tables in NWB, and the handling of persistent IDs in NWB (and DANDI) more generally.



Proposed discussion topics

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Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References