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Controlled Terms and Definitions for Experimental Metadata in NWB

Key Investigators

Project Description

Essential to any data standard is the identification of essential terms for describing entities and processes in neurophysiological experiments along with their associated definitions. We are seeking input from the community in curating lists of terms for describing their experimental data and metadata, and refining the definitions of these terms to closer match their commonly-accepted use in their respective experimental domains.


  1. Construct and refine lists of controlled terms based on community input.
  2. Get feedback on definitions of terms in the curated lists.

Approach and Plan

We will provide lists of terms in several experimental domains that are under active development as a starting point for additions and feedback. We encourage attendees to add new terms and definitions, and comment on the terms and definitions already listed. We also encourage attendees to seek out one of the project investigators for further discussion on any points of interest.

The areas of interest are:

  1. 1D Stimulus waveforms
  2. Genotype metadata
  3. Spatial coordinates and transforms
  4. Behavioral tasks

Progress and Next Steps


Links to the curated lists will be provided here, as well as posted on whiteboards in Gathertown for browsing.

Background and References