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NWB Workshops and Hackathons

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NWB-Jupyter-Widgets breakout

Session Chair:



  1. Demo new jupyter widgets for data visualization
  2. Solicit visualization ideas, requests and feedback
  3. Recruit contributors

Proposed discussion topics

Participants should add topics of possible interest for discussion here

  1. Interesting datasets to visualize
  2. New visualization tools and packages to use
  3. Opportunities for collaboration

Approach and Plan

  1. Brief background and methods on Brunton dataset being used for visualization
  2. Demo of dashboard for Brunton dataset
  3. Overview of future directions
  4. Breakout into discussion

Progress and Next Steps

Before: Created dashboard with novel widgets and visualizations of Brunton dataset to demo possibilities to extend interactive visualiation capabilities with jupyter widgets.


pip install git+https://github.com/catalystneuro/brunton-lab-to-nwb@brunton_widgets

Stream data from DANDI for Brunton dashboard: https://github.com/catalystneuro/brunton-lab-to-nwb/blob/brunton_widgets/stream_data_BruntonLab.ipynb

Background and References