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Integrate ndx-icephys`meta extension with NWB

The goal of this project is to integrate the ndx-icephys-meta extensions which as been approved for integation with NWB with the NWB. The extension is currently available at: https://github.com/oruebel/ndx-icephys-meta

Key Investigators

Project Description


As part of this project we would like to complete the integration of the various components of the extension with NWB.

Approach and Plan

  1. Update the extension to make it work with the latest version of HDMF / PyNWB
  2. Integragte the schema of AlignedDynamicTable with hdmf-common-schema
  3. Integrate AlignedDynamicTable with HDMF
  4. Integrated the HierarchicalDynamicTableMixin functionality with DynamicTable in HDMF
  5. Update PyNWB to new version of HDMF
  6. Integrate the extension types with nwb-schema
  7. Integrate the extension classes with PyNWB

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References