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Findability: search and metadata extraction

Session Chair:

Tom Gillespie

This breakout session will focus on the technical aspects of metadata extraction from NWB files specficially in the context of search. What are the use caes for search? who are the users? What are the technical requirements from the indexers? How do we extract and enrich the metadata contained in an NWB file to make it findable?


Tom Gillespie (UCSD) Pamela Baker (AIBS/NWB)


The general objectives are to connect those interested in finding data in NWB files with those who will be building the systems to find them, and to determine whether there are any specific features of NWB files and NWB metadata that can faciliate this.

  1. Identify a set of concrete use cases for search (user story style).
  2. Identify technical groups that are stakeholders in the NWB spec from the indexing side.
  3. Identify technical requirements for supporting search using ontology terms (external resource mappings.

Proposed discussion topics

Participants should add topics of possible interest for discussion here

  1. How to extract and expand external resources? How to deal with 404s?
  2. Are there additional metadata fields that are not required that should be for serving search use cases? How can a consortium or archive enforce this? How can validators check this for users?

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References