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NWB Extensions Infrastructure

Key Investigators

Ryan Ly (LBNL) @rly

Helping hands

Yaroslav O. Halchenko (Dartmouth, DANDI) @yarikoptic John T. Wodder (Dartmouth, DANDI) @jwodder

Project Description

NWB supports user-created extensions to the standard to add support for data types from new technologies and lab- or experiment-specific data types. Many of these extensions are published in the NDX Catalog. It would be nice if PyNWB users had a way to easily install extensions that are found in the catalog.


  1. Publish catalog records for AIBS extensions that were not cached with the file.
  2. Establish a CI testing across versions of hdmf+PyNWB and extensions to ensure
  3. In PyNWB, update the error message for when an extension is not found. It should tell users to search for the extension in the NDX Catalog or run a command line tool to download and install the extension.
  4. Create a command line tool to search for a given extension in the NDX Catalog, download it, and install it.

Approach and Plan

2. CI

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References

NDX Catalog: https://nwb-extensions.github.io/