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DANDI User Experience

Key Investigators


Project Description

Come talk to the DANDI team, to share your experiences searching for and archiving data, and to suggest what features or improvements would be useful to you or your lab in a public data archive.


  1. Learn about our users: Learn about who the users of DANDI are, or will be, and what they want to use DANDI for. How do you find data now? What challenges do you have in finding or using data?
  2. Learn what we can do to make it easier for you to upload data.
  3. Learn what needs you have for DOIs.
  4. Learn if you have vis needs for data in an archive.
  5. Learn how we can make it easier to tell if heavyweight data is usesful before you download it.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps

This ended up not being particularly successful.

What was successful was a large amount of development progress towards migrating to the new DANDI API, which is able to support much larger files and will provide support for publishing Dandisets and DOIs.


Background and References