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NWB Workshops and Hackathons

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Coordination for Complex Behavioral Quantification

Session Chair: Akshay Jaggi


Talmo Pereira (Princeton) Arie Matsliah (Princeton) Kanishk Jain (Emory) Jim Bohnslav (Harvard) Laurel Keyes (Salk) Jonny Saunders (Oregon)


  1. Assess range of NWB needs for diverse behavioral quantification pipelines
  2. Identify set of common NWB types useful for all pipelines
  3. Discuss long term maintenance / ownership of tools and integration into pipelines
  4. Divide up tasks among available workers


  1. ndx-labels: both supervised and unsupervised behavioral labels for single- and multi- animal sessions
  2. ndx-datatransforms: structuring matrix transformations (PCA, NMF, tSNE, etc.) and metadata
  3. ndx-multi: allowing multi-animal coordination of NWB sessions. Likely will be an extension of objects like Subject

Approach and Plan

  1. Objective 1 (20 min): Open discussion, provide everyone a few minutes to describe their tools and needs
  2. Objective 2 (20 min): Akshay proposes pre-designed plan, discuss feedback and criticism, update plan
  3. Objective 3 (10 min): Open discussion about ownership, authority moving forward
  4. Objective 4 (10 min): Divy up tasks

Progress and Next Steps


Overview Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LFkAbY-lNrwpxQkO1J1S8lcBlJCF8kUQ8EJlSkTb-Z8/edit?usp=sharing

Background and References