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Storing Analysis Results and Provenance in NWB

Session Chairs: Ryan Ly, Andrew Tritt



  1. Objective A. Discuss usage of NWB for storing intermediate and final analysis results.
  2. Objective B. Discuss linkage between NWB files on DANDI and code / DataJoint database that generated with the dandiset.

Proposed discussion topics

Participants should add topics of possible interest for discussion here

  1. What are shortcomings of existing data types? Should NWB support the storage of arbitrarily nested dicts, Python pickles, and other data types within the scratch space and elsewhere?
  2. How can users store summary statistics, like mean of a value, or the results of a session-level t-test or permutation test, or experiment-level summary statistics? Should they store these data within the NWB file?
  3. Can DANDI store files that are not NWB but NWB-adjacent like a DataJoint MySQL dump that was used to generate the NWB file? How can users associate a dandiset with a particular release of a codebase used to generate the NWB file?

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References