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OpenScope Predictive Coding to NWB

Key Investigators

Jerome Lecoq Hannah Choi Marina Garrett David Wyrick

Project Description

The goal of this project is to convert datasets collected at the Allen Institute, as part of the OpenScope Predictive Coding project into NWB files. Ultimately we will upload those datasets to Dandihub and check compatibility with scientific analysis code.


  1. Objective A. Convert one experiment into NWB file, including optical physiology and stimulus template
  2. Objective B. Scale up conversion to all experiments and test integrity with DandiHub
  3. Objective C. Test basis analysis code to showcase access to the NWB file within a jupyter notebook online environment.

Progress and Next Steps

Thanks to the workshop and the technical support it provided, we managed to create all NWB files associated with the project. A key effort was associated with creating the appropriate stimulus table and trial structure. We were glad to see that our code base used in past conversion was able to scale to new experiments (Objective A and B). We are currently testing our files for data analysis so as to share supporting scientifc notebooks to work directly from NWB files (Objective C).

Background and References

on the OpenScope project : https://www.geekwire.com/2018/openscope-gives-neuroscientists-time-allen-institutes-telescope-brain/