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NWB-DANDI-BIDS integration

Key Investigators

Project Description

With the recently proposed standard for the organization of data and metadata obtained with animal electrophysiology (see the BIDS extension proposal, BEP32), we here aim at maximizing the integration and inter-operability between the NWB, DANDI and BIDS ecosystems. A dedicated breakout session is scheduled to present this BIDS-animal-ephys to the audience and to discuss all this with all interested parties! Come join us, it’s on Wednesday March 31 at 9am PDT, in Room1).

Also, this BIDS extension proposal is actively looking for user feedback! So do not hesitate to go through the document and comment on it (don’t be shy, add whatever you think, the mode comments from the community the wider the consensus at the end)


Here are our main objectives:

Approach and Plan

Three practical items are on the agenda to start with at the beginning of this hackathon:

The first two should be easy, the third is fairly open… After completing the first two, we’ll see alltogether on how to move forward!

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References