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Convert two-photon and Neuropixels ephys data to NWB format

Key Investigators

Sylvia Schröder (University College London, UK)

Collaborators for data collection, analysis and project supervision:

Nicholas A Steinmetz (University of Washington, US)

Michael Krumin (University College London, UK)

Marius Pachitariu (HHMI Janelia Research Campus, US)

Matteo Rizzi (University College London, UK)

Leon Lagnado (University of Sussex, UK)

Kenneth D Harris (University College London, UK)

Matteo Carandini (University College London, UK)

Project Description

The data are associated with the publication Arousal modulates retinal output and are publicly available here. The data consist of several datasets comprising two-photon imaging data of retinal axon terminals and neurons in the superior colliculus (SC), Neuropixels recording from the optic tract and neurons in SC (with simultaneous optogenetic inactiavtion of primary visual cortex), behavioural data, data of visual stimuli, and preprocessed data (e.g. parameters of fitted tuning curves).


Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References