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Validation for non-pynwb NWB files

Key Investigators

Thomas Braun (byte physics e.K.)

Project Description

MIES is a FLOSS software package for acquiring, viewing and evaluating intracellular ephys data. It already supports exporting into NWBv1.

Work is nearly done to allow exporting into NWBv2 files as well, see https://github.com/AllenInstitute/MIES/pull/179 using a new version of IPNWB.

In this project we want to focus on enhancing the pynwb validator for these files. This is a special case as writing them not using h5py introduces subtle differences.


  1. Finalize MIES NWBv2 support
  2. Introduce a standard method for validating non-pynwb NWB files and document that
  3. Fix validation bugs


A first alpha version of the validator finding entities which should not be present can be found at [1, 2]. During the development one validation issue was encountered regarding links not being followed, see 3 for the fix. Related issues were created at 4 and 5.