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Calcium imaging of PFC neurons during Open Field paradigm

Key Investigators

Karen Lavi (Sohal lab, UCSF) Scott Wilke (Sohal lab, UCSF)

Project Description

The goal of this project is to assess the conversion of neuronal data of the Sohal lab to the NWB format. The data of this POC project includes in-vivo calcium imaging from PFC neurons in freely behaving mice in the open field aperture. A time series of the animal’s position within the aperture is also included. Currently, our lab is using in house solutions for working with data in Matlab. Here we hope to allow seamless import and export to NWB using the available APIs.


Objective A. Load raw fluorescence signals collected using miniscope into NWB file. Objective B. Load behavioral data (xy position and velocity over time) into NWB file. Reproduce analysis using new NWB files as starting points.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References