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Converting e-phys/behavioral data into NWB:N data format (Kepecs lab)

Key Investigators

Michael Wulf (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) Torben Ott (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) Adam Kepecs (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

Project Description

This project aims to convert electrophysiological, imaging and behavioral data into the nwb data format. Data was obtained from different projects in Adam Kepecs’ lab at CSHL.


  1. Converting electrophysiological data obtained from extracellular recordings as well as photometry data into the nwb format. Consider different cases for raw data, extracted events, and clustered spike times.
  2. Converting behavioral data into the nwb format with timing aligned to neural data. Define and describe different behavioral events. Behavioral data was obtained with Bpod.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps

We made progress converting voltage timeseries and spike events intwo NWB:B. For our trial-based behavioral data, there seems to be no appropriate neurodata type available at the moment. We discussed with Andrew that there could be a table-like neurodata type for organizing trial data, such as categories, doubles and logicals. And additional Trial neurodata type could be used to specify in particular the start times or epochs of each trial.

More generally, our trials are defined as a sequence of states, i.e. could be described using state machines, as Kris pointed out.


Background and References

Disscusion at https://github.com/NeurodataWithoutBorders/nwb-schema/issues/152