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Conversion of Sabatini lab neurophysiology and imaging data to the NWB:N format

Key Investigators

Adam Granger (Sabatini Lab, Harvard Medical School)

Project Description

The goal of this project is to convert the whole-cell electrophysiology data from the Sabatini lab to the NWB format. This data includes voltage-clamp and current-clamp recordings from neurons in acute brain slices. This data is typically analyzed for the presence or absence of synaptic responses or changes in membrane potential. However, we often extract other features such as response amplitude, latency, onset and offset kinetics, frequency of synaptic events or action potentials, and variability of responses in repeated trials. Therefore, a standard toolset to analyze this data in the NWB data format would also be useful. Finally, we often record electrophysiology data in tandem with 2-photon imaging, and would like to be able to incorporate imaging data into the NWB:N file format.


  1. Objective A. Convert Sabatini lab single-cell whole-cell electrophysiology data into the NWB:N file format
  2. Objective B. Incorporate multi-channel whole-cell electrophysiology data.
  3. Objective C. Create standard analysis tools to features of synaptic responses
  4. Objective D. Incorporate imaing data with whole-cell electrophysiology data

Approach and Plan

  1. Prior to the hackathon: familiarize myself with NWB:N file format
  2. Convert a single trace to NWB:N format
  3. Write a script to bulk convert traces to NWB:N format
  4. Convert multi-channel data to NWB:N format
  5. Write analysis tool to extract synaptic current amplitude from a set of NSB:N data

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References