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Storage of large-scale network simulation output

Key Investigators

Project Description

An efficent, parallizable way to store the results, and even the input, of large-scale in-silico network simulations.


  1. Create an extension for storing and reading discrete single unit simulation data (ie spike times from a biophysical/point network simulation).
  2. Create an extension for continuous data (ie membrane potential, calcium conc).
    • May have to create a second extension for multi-compartment reporting (ie membrane potential along all sections of the dentrites)

Approach and Plan

Spike time recordings.

Goals: We want to be able to save spike trains from a simulation of anywhere between hundreds to millions of different cells. The previous way to do this was given every cell their own dataset.

old nwb spike format

While simple to understand, having to open a dataset handle for every possible cell in the network didn’t scale well. For the new format, we store all spikes in a single file, using an index table link a given spike time with a cell gid.

new nwb spike format

Multicell, multicompartment continuous data storage


Conceptural Framework:

indexing multi and cell compartment cells

Segment recordings from each cell are stored in a single TimeSeries

accessing of data

actual example

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References