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Change Detection Snapshot

Change is the only constant

Key Investigators

Project Description

Extensions & tutorials for storing operant conditioning data with calcium imaging. This project will use data generated for the Allen Institute’s Brain Observatory: Visual Behavior as the primary use case to develop NWB files for behavior training stages and Optical Physiology sessions:


Approach and Plan

Change Detection Datastream

  1. Extensions for Operant Conditioning data
  2. If not sufficiently supported by (1), extensions for the Change Detection task
  3. Develop extensions or existing objects to store the following: Visual Stimulus (images and full field gratings), Lick Events, Water Events, Running Speed (and raw Encoder data)

Optical Physiology Datastream

  1. Store Optical Physiology data

Progress and Next Steps


  1. Saved optical physiology data to NWB file
  2. Saved record of visual stimuli (images) to NWB file
  3. Read out calcium traces from NWB file
  4. Read out visual stimuli from NWB file

Next steps

  1. Define extension for Operant Conditioning Data


Calcium trace

Background and References