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  ClusterWaveforms DEPRECATED The mean waveform shape, including standard deviation, of the different clusters. Ideally, the waveform analysis should be performed on data that is only high-pass filtered. This is a separate module because it is expected to require updating. For example, IMEC probes may require different storage requirements to store/display mean waveforms, requiring a new interface or an extension of this one.
Class Details
Superclasses types.core.NWBDataInterface, types.untyped.GroupClass
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
ClusterWaveforms Constructor for ClusterWaveforms 
Property Summary
clustering_interface Clustering 
waveform_filtering REQUIRED (char) Filtering applied to data before generating mean/sd 
waveform_mean REQUIRED (single) The mean waveform for each cluster, using the same indices for each wave as cluster numbers in the associated Clustering module (i.e, cluster 3 is in array slot [3]). Waveforms corresponding to gaps in cluster sequence should be empty (e.g., zero- filled) 
waveform_sd REQUIRED (single) Stdev of waveforms for each cluster, using the same indices as in mean 
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