Getting Started with NWB:N

I am a scientist/developer in a neuroscience lab and want to start using NWB:N

Welcome! For end-users, the main entry point into the world of NWB:N is usually the PyNWB Python API. Have a look at our tutorials and also see the PyNWB : Python Reference API documentation in general for more details.

For Matlab users, MatNWB also provides a Matlab API for NWB:N 2.0. For more details, see the MatNWB repository on GitHub or on FileExchange.

I am a developer and would like to contribute to NWB:N development

Welcome! Please see our Contributing Guidelines and Code of Conduct for further details. Also have a look out for good first issue and help wanted issue tickets on GitHub.

I want to get an overview of all the aspects of NWB:N

A general overview and pointers to all relevant documents are available as part of the Project Overview page. For a more broader overview of the NeurodataWithoutBorders project at large, see also the website.

Code of Conduct

The PyNWB and nwb-schema projects and everyone participating in it are governed by our Code of Conduct guidelines. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

Reporting Issues

For details on how to report issues or contribute to the PyNWB and nwb-schema projects, please see our our Contributing Guidelines.


Detailed documentation of the various aspects of the NWB:N project are available here:

The documents are also available in PDF and zipped HTML form for print and offline browsing:

The General Overview (this website) and MatNWB docs are currently only available online.


The sources for the API, format specification, and all documents are available here: