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NWB:N: Version 2

Development of NWB:N 2 is being led by Oliver Ruebel and Andrew Tritt et al. in collaboration with and with significant contributions by the NWB:N community and under the guidance of the NWB Executive Board. For specific contribution see the Git logs and contributor statistics on GitHub:


Development of PyNWB is lead by Andrew Tritt and Oliver Ruebel (Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory). For a detailed list of contributors to PyNWB visit PyNWB on GitHub

NWB:N: Version 1.0.x and earlier

Version 1.0.5g (and earlier) of the NWB file format were created by Jeff Teeters et al. as part of the first NWB pilot project. NWB:N 2 has been adopted from the final version of the format released by the original NWB pilot project.

The Team

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Partners, Members, and Supporters

For details on the partners, members, and supporters of NWB:N please the project website.


NOTE copyright and licence may vary between APIs and packages. See the documentation and source repositories for specific licencing and copyright. Here we show the licencing and copyright information from the NWB:N schema.